Fast and fresh: Pasta salad's the best

It's an idyllic summer day and I forgot breakfast again! So to make up for it I whipped up the most simple and scrumptious single serve lunch possible, which I eat all the time when I'm stuck for time, ingredients and motivation (common occurrnce). You only need to cook the pasta, then throw everything else in fresh at the end...easy! I call it pasta plus because really you could add whatever you had in your fridge that you felt like eating.

I usually use pasta bows or tubes, from a packet, cooked for about ten minutes.

Then drain and add:
- 1 tomato diced
- juice of 1 lemon
- 1 length of spring onion chopped into rings
- 1 tablespoon (a fat drizzle) nice oil
- a small handfull fresh herbs chopped roughly (use whatever you have, such as basil, mint, sage, parsley etc)
- grated tasty cheese
- salt and pepper
- if you need some extra protein, a can of tuna goes well, or smoked salmon, capers and a touch of fennel.

Stir these all through and you will have a beautiful colorful warm pasta salad that is filling and healthy and makes real cooking look like a waste of time!