35 degrees and nothing to do? Have a Christmas crafternoon!

A few days ago I hosted a little workshop for some friends and I to make Christmas cards. It was quite a success, although I spent most of my day being overexcited by the ideas pouring out at the table, scoffing the biscuits we'd brought along, and hydrating, since it was 35 degrees outside! It was such a nice excuse to drag out boxes of beautiful things and hang with other creative types for  a while.

Seeing the mass of paper, pens, cutters, scissors, adhesives, stamps, inks, rulers and stencils, ribbons, paint and brushes laid out on the table, gave me this bizarre sense of nostalgia and satisfaction. It reminded me of a picture from a woman's weekly special craft magazine that my mum had when I was a kid. In the middle, there was a centrefold image that I used to drool over - a birds eye view of all these ice cream containers filled with magic craftical things, like pipecleaners, and cotton buds, paper offcuts, foil, and paddlepop sticks. Ah, the potential of it all. I must see if mum still has it.
Here are some of the cards we made!