Its not just me: Typography!

Oh how I love typography. Fonts, words, letters, handwriting, signage, labels, advertising, packaging, labels. When words are made to look all snazzy, I get this feeling like everything is right in the world. It stops me in my tracks when I see a good sign. Or when someone writes me the bill at a cafe and they have wicked lovely handwriting. Sometimes I photograph it and they think I am a bit creepy. But its not just me. Theres a reason big chain stores are selling Ampersands (&) printed on canvas for the everyday man's lounge room. Letters and the way they look can be just beautiful!

Hand-drawing words and letters is particularly satisfying, and probably explains why I (and lots of other illustrators) never really got into that vector graphics computery business. Theres just something special about the smell of the ink, the feel of the paper, the experience when they meet for the first time, and the adventure of what comes out! Being able to click undo just takes the skydive out of it!

I've had a few lettering projects on the go lately, including place names for my friend's wedding and a set of moleskin covers. The paisleyness of the ones pictured here are most definitely inspired by the work of amazing illustrator and designer Natalie Perkins who I adore, and is a bit of a drawing genius. Her blog and drawings are all at once pretty, honest and revealing.

I really hope Ms Perkins is ok because according to my interweb stalking, she's been having a pretty tough time, which is totally understandable these days for ladies with all the stupid shit flying around in the ether about what we're supposed to be like - particularly creative ones who use their brains and can get caught in an abyss of wonderment about the whys and wheres of everything! I could never work out whether or not I'm supposed to drink with a straw ever since I read in the same magazine, on different pages, that it stops your teeth yellowing as past, but then the pouting makes your lips get wrinkles faster.  Conundrum!

So, if you read this one day Natalie, I think you're just splendid, and I hope you keep drawing forever.