Stamp tramp - Making An Impression

I have a new problem. A good type of problem...but its still a problem if it makes you forget to eat lunch, right?

Geninne Zlatkis' new book about stamping, Making an Impression, arrived at my door just before Christmas. I had been hanging out like a kid for this beautiful publication because Zlatkis is not only a phenomenal creative artist, she seems to lead this life of zen where everything is in alignment, and her blog makes me so happy!

And wowee she did not let me down. What a generous collection of lovely things to make. And all stemming from the humble rubber eraser.

Since January 1st, when I finally sat down with the book and tools at the ready, I have been completely obsessed. I am looking at every image I have ever drawn as a fresh idea. Every surface seems to be calling out 'stamp me, stamp me...'. I can almost sniff out eraser supplies in shops!

At the core of it (besides the mesmerising whittling factor) I have found that there really is something magical about being able to reproduce your own images so quickly, while still retaining a bit of their own personality and imperfection.

Here are a few of my creations. Some were inspired by Geninne (the plant pots), and some are my own designs (paisley, leaf). The teacup is an adapted design sourced from here which is a great resource if you want some vintage design ideas.

I can't wait to go into production and put some of these in my shop!