Christmas truffle hustle

My sister and I got together just before Christmas for a last minute gift hustle. Home made gifts are such a treat today I think, with everyone being so busy!
Melbourne once again thwarted my baking plans by dishing up a generous 37 degree of celcius. So we turned to the humble truffle ball, whose basic recipe was implanted in most kids at the age of 12 in their first cooking class.  I remember the boys in my class were total ratbags and at the end of class stole as many as they could from everyone, sucked on them, and threw then at the roof. Our poor home economics teacher!
The basic recipe consists of:
- 1 packet of Marie biscuits (crushed finely)
- I can of condensed milk
- then some cocoa (if you want chocolate flavour/colour)
But we also made different flavours, including:
- apricot and almond (rolled in cocoanut)
- chocolate cherry, or "cherry ripe", rolled in cocoa, dipped in melted chocolate, and decorated with little sugars sweets to look like a pudding!

- Nelle -