Bali: Pretty things I saw - or - An ode to H2O

One of the resounding reasons that Bali seems to have such an impact on me every time is because its so GREEN. There must be some scientific evidence that proves green does good things to the brain.

Coming from a town in central Victoria that was plagued by a 15 year drought, a community that has been more than a little traumatised by bushfire, and a State that built a desalination factory so that we could convert the ocean into water, Bali is by comparison a water fantasy land. As a hot spot for tourism in a fast developing country, Bali has some serious environmental challenges ahead. I read an article the other day that kind of cemented my fears on this front (read it here, but maybe get a cup of tea and a biscuit before you do because its a bit sad). Nevertheless, the generous, heavy, thundering rain, the fat, juicy, springy green plants, the large frogs leaping about in 'grass-on-steroids', groups of guys fishing socially in the local river, the kids splashing around with their families in the waterways, the hundreds of rice paddies filled from the intricate irrigation networks, even the really large showerhead in the bathroom - were all reminders (good or otherwise) of water in quantities I am just not used to.

So, rather than just being about pretty things, this post is also kind of my visual ode to H2O. How beautiful it makes the planet. How essential it is. How much I miss it sometimes. How we should probably be a bit more careful about it.

Enjoy some virtual hydrotherapy:

The lush garden at Villa Ibu. No watering required.  
Natural hot springs welling up from the ground at the holy water temple  
Beautiful view of the rice fields, with offerings nestled in a small tree
Jatiluwih - the spectacular UNESCO listed rice fields 
Veggie patches and greenhouses along the rice paddy walk
Tegenungan waterfall 
Waterlilies are everywhere

More rice fields, with rain clouds on the horizon
The majestic Gunung & Danau Batur (Batur Mountain & Lake)  
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